Are We Human or Are We Dancer?

It is Sunday morning here in Minnesota. I am sitting on my couch watching Defiance with my roommate and sipping on some strong Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. This is our first movie together on the brand new Blu-Ray player – oh we are just cute as kittens.

As I quickly realize the movie is not what I was expecting, I open up my laptop and hit the Information Superhighway. There are a handful of sites I like to visit on a regular basis – my growing interest in news directs me to a couple popular sites where I quickly skim headlines and browse a few mediocre articles. Done and done. Where else to go? (This movie still has not caught my attention. Daniel Craig, you were much better and sexier in Bond.)

What’s this? What is this I have here? Oh yeah, I started a blog a little over a year ago. Hmmm, yeah about that. I am not gonna lie, I would spend A LOT of time daily, learning the site, configuring my options, sort of writing (sarcastically) so some of you understand this while most of you will take me a little too serious – it was a good time for me – I didn’t have much else to do.

Then life kicked in. Work starting picking up, I decided it was time to sell my vehicle before I killed myself, and I picked myself up a hot little dame. The nightly handful of hours I once spent in my apartment not doing much of anything are a thing of the past. Dom, seriously, what are you getting at? What am I getting at? I thought I would never ask!

(“Go go philosophical Dom”) Life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. Life throws you curveballs, you hold off that split second and keep your eye on the ball, and when life favors your rival football team and advances them further than your team, priceless. I mean, well, I don’t know what I mean. Lets keep moving.

Vikings, I am glad you have made it as far as you have – although it is very hard to cheer for you, I at least sort of think about trying. This season has been one of the more exciting seasons I have watched in a while, however. Kickoff is roughly six hours away – my prediction: Saints by seven (of course), but it will be a shootout! I think I would still take the ‘over’ at 52.5. What are you thoughts?

Dom Kahl

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It Seems Like Only Yesterday We Started

Officially one week away from the start of all this. I feel the need to say a little something before the big Christmas Day and New Year Celebration.

Shop, sit in traffic, coffee, traffic, piece of pizza, the holidays are great. Great for you, great for me, great for everyone! Lets not forget a few things during this lovely, lovely time of year:

Life gets busy for everyone. Plan ahead. Roads are more congested, grocery stores packed, and girls standing in your way talking to their boyfriend via cellular technology. Moral of the story – hit the stores early, give yourself extra drive time, and get a girlfriend.

You don’t have to eat everything set in front of you. Sugar is addictive, just like my smile. Moderationism, conservatism, and benefaction will find its way.

The New Year is approaching and your unrealistic goal is right there along side it. If you want to get serious about losing weight, create a specific plan. After you create your specific plan, carry it with you everywhere you go. You may find yourself sticking to it after two weeks.

Many of you may only see family this time of year. It can be awkward, annoying, awesome, or exciting. Try your hardest and cherish every aspect. They won’t be around forever.

A craft that takes some practice. Make sure the gift of choice does not make its way back to the original giver. Otherwise, this craft can be very useful and efficient during the holiday season.

I must sign off for now. A giant Christmas snowstorm is on the horizon.

Dom Kahl

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Carless in Lino Lakes – Pt. II

[This is the conclusion to Part I of Carless in Lino Lakes - listed below]

Lets see, where was I? Oh yes, I was about to crash my new car, kill some dude, and ruin my life forever. The 30 mph zone was just too slow for me, I had to get nowhere real fast! The street my roommate and I were currently on had two lanes, so I quickly signaled my change and stepped on the accelerator. 30 mph quickly turned into fifty as the turbo pushed us back in our seats. I remember having to keep both hands on the steering wheel because the car always wanted to pull one direction.

Here we were, tunes bumpin’, windows down, surrounded by normal drivers in their normal automobiles. As we were enjoying our fun little moment, it just so happened a motorcyclist was out enjoying a leisure ride only meters ahead of us. As I hit the gas, he changed lanes, not expecting a car to suddenly appear. I slammed on the break as hard as I could, the anti-lock mechanism pushing back at me through the brake pedal. It was one of those moments you swear your heart is in your throat. I don’t recall how much room I had before smashing into him, but I remember it was not a lot.

There are other moments I have experienced in this car. Actually, a few hundred to be exact. I was a race car in my own race every time I drove. And why not? I am the definition of a good driver. No speeding tickets, no fender benders, hell, I have never even bean stopped for speeding. It felt weird not to drive it fast.

[Thank God that phase has finally passed.]

Perhaps some of you reading this have had similar experiences, whether it be cars or something else. Moments that seemed like good ideas at the time, but you grow older and “wiser”, realizing your stupidity only after you have experienced it firsthand. Luckily for me, I always had somebody looking over my shoulder. Somebody to make sure nobody pulled in front of me as I accelerated, no police radar as I passed cars on the highway. I could not nor will not ever see this somebody; however, what I do know is this “somebody’s” job just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks for stopping in – Caffeine fo’ life – Dom Kahl

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Carless in Lino Lakes

I’m all by myself. I have my technology, but I have nothing. Actually, I have a pretty good caffeine buzz too.

My transportation now sits all by its lonesome across the way at a local bank, awaiting its new buyer to complete the paperwork. My sister, darling little angel, should be leaving Minneapolis momentarily to pick me up at the local Caribou. As I sit and wait, I can not help but reflect on the past two and half years I owned my car.

Like many others my age, I graduated college with a mediocre “plan”. I was working at a local bar / restaurant making more than enough money, but working really bad hours. The service industry is a great fit for many people – weekdays free, a lot of cash in your pocket, and plenty of socialization. The more weird and abnormal you acted, the more money you made. Sounds great! Not sew (me an afghan) much.

I had had it. I wanted something normal. I wanted to make plans for the weekend with friends. However, any weekend I requested off in order to do this, reduced my income significantly. I had to do something drastic. The magic job opening I had bean hoping for never appeared, so I decided to buy myself a car. Cars, friends, same difference.

Think of the most irrational moment you have ever had in your life, and then multiply it by too, too much that is. That was me and my car search. Financial calculator blah blah blah. Besides, my income fluctuated week to week, how was I to know how much I could afford? Hmm, lets see what the fastest car for X amount of money gives me. Insurance? What’s that agane? Maybe my dad will pay for it.

My first choice was a Honda Civic Si. Not a standard boring Civic, the sport model. Come on, my life was depressing, I needed to be fast. Test drive, no real negotiation on their part = no interest for me. I went back home and hit the internet. Oh, what’s this? A turbocharged Dodge Neon? Hmmm. Turbocharged vs A Neon, yes please. After a couple test drives and a very long and strenuous day, I bought my first car.

It took me as long as one minute in that car by myself before I wondered, “Why would anybody ever need a car this fast?” Going from a 1995 Chevy Beretta with over 100,000 miles to a 2005 with 19,000 miles makes what I like to Kahl, a difference. I quickly began weaving in and out of traffic. Why was everybody else driving so slow!?! Come on! Get out of my way! I have a giant spoiler on the back, look out! Seriously though, it had a giant spoiler.

All it took was a few hours before I had my first “Close Kahl”. I was showing the car off to my roommate in a 30 mph zone when all of a sudden…

Part Two – Thursday, Nov. 19th. I promise :)

Dom Kahl

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All Hallows Eve

Check it:

Tis’ the holiday of costumes, candy, and treats,

women dressed so little, only shoes on their feets.

Most have no clue what this holiday means,

myself included, I have ten pairs of jeans.

I check the internet and to my shock,

the ice is coming, out comes the wood dock.

The leaves are all falling, the wind is so strong,

stoners totally chill inside, passing their bong.

Winter season TV is upon us all,

The Office is still OK, my last name is Kahl.

Back to the holiday oh so near,

Oktoberfest is pretty much a well-good beer.

Some of you reading this will notice my error,

my response to you all, “I really…don’t care.”

The purpose of this poem is to waste your time,

but hey baby come on, I wasn’t doin’ no crime.

If I had to go on forever, I’m pretty sure I could,

don’t come ‘roun my block, best stay out my hood.

Halloween is an excuse to dress as sluts,

I hope to see you out, that’s if you have guts.

Respect. Dom Kahl

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The First Ever

Happy Mid Week!

It is sort of chilly in Minnesota, and I’m already complaining. It’s not so much the cold, but the lack of snow. I feel so bad for myself. I really do.

This is my first ever post via iPhone. I’m using the WordPress application which is working like a real gem. I installed it thinking it would give me the ability to update this blog from anywhere. Fact of the matter is, I’m either semi-lazy or think I’m way too busy. Perhaps a combination of the two? It has taken me three weeks to finally use it. Three weeks? And you know what I now realize? Wow, I never knew I could type this fast on my phone! Seriously, I might be the fastest I know. Any takers?

So, this coffee I just bought is too hot to drink, imagine that. The cap is off and I’m just chilling in this trendy little place. A periodic sip reminds me of my impatience, especially when it comes to good coffee. A periodic gander reminds me of why I rarely hang out at these spots.

Oh Minnesota Twins. You provided some quality entertainment down the home stretch, but couldn’t pull it out, agane. I want to take this moment and apologize to all you die hard fans. Yes, I jumped on the wagon (along with 50,000 others) to support the team post season. And of course I complained when they lost. Come on, not a single home run the entire series? That will not get you to the World Series…played here in the U.S.

Well, it is that time agane. I’m signing off. I would like to leave you with some hope, assuring a more frequent update from my end, but that might be a lie. So, until next time…

Dom Kahl

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Big Weekend. Double Big Weekend.

Hey Gang,

For the first time ever in the history of sports, two teams, two states, and two outcomes. I’m talking about Badgers at Gophers, Packers at Vikings, and me – not attending either one.

Saturday’s matchup will be very interesting given the current forecast. Temps in the mid 50s, and a great chance of rain. The Gophers should win, but with wet playing conditions, it could really be anybody’s game. I’m going with Badgers victorious 17 – 13.

The most anticipated game in the history of the NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings. The man, the “legacy”, the tension, the embarrassment. Favre up against his former team. Tempers will be hot, hormones wacky, beer chugging, men sharing very deep laughter, and one hell of a hangover Tuesday. My guess with this one, Packers victorious 35-34. Rodgers will lead the pack down the field to win the game.

(Come on, I can’t not pick my home state to win both games)

You heard it here first, people. And remember, Days Go By and still I think of you. Days when I couldn’t live my life without you, without you.

Dom Kahl

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Ey Bee Sea. That Was Fresh. ABC. That Was Fresh.

With so much drama in the SLP it’s kinda hard bein’ Dom dee ol’ double K. But I, some how some way, keep comin’ up with funky fresh posts like every other month ;)

What up internet world?!? I know, it has bean bean bean too long. Buffalo long to be exact. I don’t have too much for you (sadly), but will update you with a few thangs – because lets face it, it’s usually about me.

The Marathon is coming up October 10th. Training was right on track, yes, was. As of this past Wednesday evening, I pulled my thigh pretty good playing flag football. It has and will continue to sideline me for who knows how long. Pulled muscles best heal with rest, ice, and an anti-inflammatory. It is eating me alive not being able to run two weeks out!


I’m currently in the process of selling my car aka ‘the punisher’ aka ‘the death trap’ aka ‘bean there, done that’ aka ‘two packs a day’ aka ‘steely dan’ aka ‘upside down, rightside up’. I have an interested buyer who is awaiting financing clearance. A waiting game if you will.

I would like to keep her, but having a work vehicle I drive 91% of the week, there is truly no need for anything too nice right now. I want to save that monthly payment and put it towards a great research facility taking a look at various methods of stopping continental drift. For those of you unfamiliar with this current global crisis, I highly suggest you give it a Google Search and educate yourself. California is a few years away from becoming an island. Mark My Word.

For those of you who somehow check this page out on a regular basis, you’re going to like this (but probably not). I recently installed the WordPress app on my iPhone. Meaning, I can knock out these posts on the fly if I have to! And, I honestly plan on doing that more often. There have bean numerous times I have felt creative, only to find an absent laptop upside down smiley face.

Alright, Dom Kahl is back! Back and excited for the weekend! I’m heading up north to my bisexual roommate’s cabin. (There will be a group of us going, so it won’t be as weird as it gets around our apartment.) And nothing against bisexuals, I’m glad I have bean able to experience what I’ve experienced up to this point in my young life. And let me tell you, it has bean a lot! A LOT period For those of you who know this roommate of mine, I’m sorry you had to find out this way.

Dom Kahl y’all

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Time Keeps On Slippin’

I hope this post finds you well!

I have officially completed my first 20 mile training run for the WhistleStop Marathon. Dom, did you recored it like you record everything? Yes. I did. And, you can find the video under My Videos via my Facebook account

If we are not Facebook friends, I encourage you to add me. Your incentive:  In this recent video, you will get to the see the backside of my roommate, over and over agane. And by backside, I mean the good stuff. I can not wait until he finds out I posted this.

Check it out! Add me as a friend! And keep on keepin’ on!!!

Dom Kahl

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Dogs are Fun

A small compilation of a trip I recently made back home. A great way to enjoy the last few weekends of summer, 2009.

Dom Kahl

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